The prescription of kitchen of filloas of blood is a typical plate of Gastronomy of Galicia . Fall is prepared in the months of and Winter .

One becomes at this time of the year because Slaughter is in the same in which becomes of the pig, and therefore it is had fresh blood to his preparation, main ingredient as it is obvious in the elaboration of this type of Filloa . It is prepared the same with blood in the totality of the Galician territory, varying in the ingredients following the prescription of kitchen of filloa of blood that is wanted to follow.


  • 1 liter of Milk
  • 4 eggs of Hen
  • 1 glass of blood of pig, or 1 liter of blood, to taste of the companions at table
  • The ralladura of the skin of 1 lemon
  • 2 g salt
  • 250 flour g
  • sugar, to taste of the companions at table
  • cinnamon, to taste of the companions at table
  • pig butter (or in its defect, a bacon piece)
  • 1 Tacitus of oil

These are the basic ingredients, being able to put to the mixture jams to him, ice creams, grapes you happen, cream, pastelera cream, truffle…. Being to election of the companions at table to do more incorporations.


In it prescriptions of kitchen of filloas of blood we beat the eggs well to which we added milk to him, you leave, the ralladura of the lemon and a teaspoon of cinnamon. While bat, adds little by little the flour until forming grazes loose, soon the glass of blood of the pig and a little more flour, until grumo does not have any. If that outside case, we can pass the mass through a strainer. In order to cook to use them a anti-stick frying pan and with the aid of a hyssop to grease the oil frying pan once made this with the aid of a dipper spill in the frying pan the liquid so that the possible thing remains best extended and well fine and when you see that the edges are being solidified, give the return with the hands taking it of the edges, must be to untimed fire. After retiring them we can add to them to more sugar and cinnamon. We piled up if them in a row, as it is custom, we can later return to warm up greasing them again the frying pan with fat.
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