Don Fernando de Leyba (M. 1780) was an official and Spanish politician, which exerted like Governor in High Luisiana from 1778 to its death.

Little it is known of the life of Of Leyba until its allocation to the position of governor the 14 of Julio of 1778. Inmediatemente after appointment, received the order on the part of Bernardine Don of Gálvez and Madrid, governor of Luisiana in New Orleans, to maintain to him informed into the events that were taking place in war of North American independence and to be in charge of the secret correspondence with a American head .

Leyba hardly met George Rogers Clark two months later, when Clark, just gained his victory in Kaskaskia, visited San Luis of Ilinueses from where the Spanish exerted like governor. Fearing an attack from Detroit, Clark suggested to Leyba to fortify the city, which communicated it to Gálvez. Because in the conflict, not yet abiertamente declared, between Spain and Great Britain the resources of Spanish Empire were being destined to other points, this it was forced to inform to him of which it would have to undertake the fortificaión by its own means.

The war with the British was declared at the beginning of 1780 and attacks on San Luis had place finally the 26 of May. Of Leyba one had fixed them to collect certain money, half of its own pocket, to begin to hard construct of San Carlos . However, its state of endaudamiento prevented him to complete the project and, arrived the moment from the combat, only one tower and part of one second were still on. In spite of the little defenses, the resistance of the few Spanish regular soldiers next to the local militia was able to repel the British attack, which, before retiring devastated the surrounding farms.

Already at that time, the health of Of Leyba was significantly bad and the 28 of June passed away. The report of its actions arrived to him at Gálvez after its death and the general, deeply made an impression, for a reason or purpose granted to the rank of Lieutenant posthumous colonel .

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