executive authority is one of the three faculties and fundamental functions of the State ( along with legislative and judicial ) consisting of dictating and enforcing the laws that usually approve Government or own Head of the State .

In political sciences and right constitutionalist, the executive is the branch of responsible government for the day to day the management of the State. In many countries, it is to that one talks about simply like the government, but this use can be confused in an international context. The Executive authority contains the head of government, who is the head of this branch. According to the doctrine of the separation of powers, the executive does not assume that they make the laws (the paper of the legislative power), nor to interpret they (the paper of the judicial power), but its objective is to make fulfill them. Actually, nevertheless, this separation usually is not absolute. The executive authority is identified by the Head of Government. In a presidential system, this person (the President) also can be the Chief of State, whereas in a parliamentary system that he or she is generally the leader of the major divided in the legislative power and more commonly is called Prime minister (Taoiseach in the Republic of Ireland, (Federal) Chancellor in Germany and Austria). In France, the executive authority is distributed between the President and Prime minister and this system have reproduced in a series of old French colonies, whereas Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina also are associated systems for the function of Government and Chief of State. The Head of Government with the attendance of a number of ministers, who generally have responsibilities for certain zones (for example health, education, outer subjects), and by a great number of employees of the government or the officials government.

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