Estrabón was geographer and Greek Historian been born in Amasia, city of the Ponto (the present Amasía, in Turkey ) in the year 63  a. the date of their death is placed on the year 19 .


He was a great traveller who, taking advantage of Roman Pax, crossed almost all the territories of Ecúmene, arriving at Armenia in east, until Sardinia in the West, and from the Sea Euxino ( the Black Sea ) in the north to the limits of Ethiopia in the south. crossed Nile until Asuán in an expedition directed by Gallic Elio, Roman prefect of Egypt .

Of him some fragments of their historical work are conserved solely, his historical Memories, in 43 books, complement of the history of Greek Polibio . However yes its great work takes shelter almost completely Geographiká ( Geography ), which date between the years 29  a., in which periplo gives to beginning his, until the year 7 . It consists mainly of 17 volumes of a detailed description of the world as it was known in the antiquity and own a great value, like report, by his own and extensive observations. It interests to indicate that the third party of them dedicates to Iberia to it and what in him it is said was compiled of other sources, mainly of Posidonio, since Estrabón never was in the Iberian Peninsula .

As descriptive geographer rejected the work of the mathematical geographers like Erathostenes de Cirene or Hiparco de Nicea by his purely astronomical character or cartographic . This took to him to an unconcern by the physical causes of the natural phenomena, concentrating in the human aspects, history and myths to compose a picture of the people and the countries that studied.

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