Edward Lawry Norton (Rockland, Maine, 28 of July of 1898 - Chatham, New Jersey, 28 of January of 1983 ) was an engineer and scientist employed of Bell labs . ''' Is known mainly to enunciate Theorem of Norton ''', that takes its name. It served like radio operator in the Marine U.S between 1917 and 1919. It attended the University of Maine before during a year and a year after its service during the war, soon was transferred a.

In 1920, receiving its S.Grado (electrical engineering), in 1922. It began to work in 1922 in the Western Electric Corporation in the city of New York, that later became the Bell labs in 1925. While it worked for the Western Electric, M.A received a rank in electrical engineering of the University of Columbia in 1925. One retired in 1961 and it passed away the 28 of January of 1983 in the King James Nursing Home in Chatham, New Jersey.

Patents of Norton

Norton became a member of the Acoustical Society of America and the IRE (these last ones in 1961). In his biography of 1954, that reproduces by courtesy of the Archives of AT&T, he says that it had 19 patents; Of which only 18 have been found in the registry U. PTO:

Documents published by Norton

It has published three documents during his life, none of which mentions the theorem enunciated by him:

Other works

Norton wrote 92 technical memorandos (TMs in Bell Laboratories). Norton due to the lack of publications, preferred to work and to stop occurring notoriety. He applied his deep knowledge of circuit analysis to many fields, and after World War II he worked in the guidance systems of Nike missiles.

The 11 of November of 1926, he wrote the technical note Diseño de Redes for frequency uniforms finite characteristic, that reproduces by courtesy of the Archives of AT&T, that contains the following paragraph in page 9.

Said paragraph he defines clearly what today equivalent Norton is met like the circuit. Norton never published east result or mentioned in no of his 18 patents and 3 publications. In Europe, she is well-known like the circuit Mayer - equivalent Norton. The German engineer of telecommunications Hans Ferdinand Mayer published the same result in the same month that Norton its technical memory.

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