East (of Latin orĭens, participle of orīri: to appear, to be born) is the denomination of the direction by where Sun rises (and the other stars) coined in the antiquity, that is to say This . By extension, one talks about those regions that are to the East of the datum point. In the culture " occidental" east name to Asia was granted to him. Conventionally three parts are distinguished: Near East, the Middle East and the Far East .

The notion of East

In the days of Old Greece, conceived the world divided in two great continental masses: Europe and Asia, separated both by the sea. Nevertheless, this separation devised by the Greek sailors would be revealed puerile when, these same ones, discovered that both continents were united to the north of the Black Sea, through the plains that they called Escitia, and that at the moment corresponds with the south of Russia .

Of all ways, the notion caught like a reflection of the messianic will of the western culture, defined this one broadly speaking (that is to say, like the cultural tradition arisen in Egypt and Sumerian, developed in Old Greece, Rome, and completed in Western Christian Europe. This way the myth of was created Immutable East, that historically stayed until entered good Century XIX .

At present it can admit that the notion of East has a symbolic character merely, inasmuch as what generically we called East is not really the most Eastern point of the world. It is not necessary to lose of view that exists several cultural traditions good differentiated in the territory located between Mediterranean Sea and Japanese archipelago . Among them they emphasize those of Mesopotamia, Hebrew town, Islamic World, India, China, Korean Town, towns of Indonesia, to khmer, Japan, Mongoles, etc.

It is also seen

Simple: Orient .

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