Don Tancredo, or luck of Don Tancredo, was sends bullfighting with certain liking in first half of Century XX . It consisted of which an individual that made Don Tancredo, when coming out waited for the bull of chiqueros, raised on a pedestal located in half of the bullfighting enclosure for bullfighting. The executant went dress with clothes generally of time or comedians, and painted completely of target. The merit consisted of remaining quiet since the knowledge of Bullfighting affirmed that when immovable remaining, the bull thought that the white figure era of marble, and did not attack it convinced of its hardness.

The origin of this practical one is uncertain, although there are several sources that affirm that a Mexican bullfigther of little fortune and names Tancredo Lopez began east spectacle like desperate means to gain money in the last years of Century XIX . The public welcomed with estusiasmo the action, and little by little he was extending. Normally the Tancredo was interpreted by desperate people to the search to make easy money and with little that losing, since the catches were numerous that took place. Thus the things the Tancredo was being prohibited by the authorities, and in the middle of Century XX was already realized the last representations.

One of the most popular appearances of Don Tancredo is interpreted by the Fernando Fernán Go'mez in the film " the Renter ".

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