Dean Martin (n. 7 of June of 1917 - M. 25 of December of 1995 ) was Comedian, Singing Actor and American .


Its true name was Dino Paul Crocetti . was born in 7 of June from 1917 in Steubenville ( Ohio ). Their parents were Italian immigrants. Her mother, Angella Crocetti, were housewife and his father, Gaetano Crocetti, were barber.

Dino left the studies when the school finished, began to work in different things, like laborer, gasolinero, even croupier and like boxer. As boxer acquired certain success. He used like pseudonym the name of Kid Crocetti .

2 of October of 1941 married with Elizabeth Anne McDonald. They had four children, among them, also the singing Gail Martin. Dean divorced in 1949 . That same year married with another woman.

Singer underground

Paralelamente to its ripples in Ring, Dino began to act like singer in nightclubs, for this facet chose the stage name of Dino Martini .

Throughout his expanded race like singer, Martin was great successful like the compound interpretation “" He will fly (nel blu dipinto I gave blu) " ” of Domenico Modugno or " Everybody loves somebody" . With time, in his activities, besides singing, also it interpreted humorous numbers.

A successful pair

In these atmospheres Jerry knew another inexperienced comedian called Lewis . Both became inseparable colleagues and prepared a number like pair that released in 500 Atlantic City club in 1946 . Dean saw in his association with Jerry Lewis the posiblidad operate a vein in the sort of the humorous nonsense and used the friendship of Lewis to climb towards Hollywood. However, Lewis professed an authentic friendship to Martin.

1 of September of 1949, contracted marriage by third time, with Jeanne Biegger (that change its name to the one of Jeanne Martin). They had three children:

* Dean Paul Martin (Dino) (been born the 17 from November of 1951)
*Ricci Martin (been born the 20 from September of 1953)
*Gina Caroline Martin (been born the 20 from September of 1956).

Dean and Jeanne divorced day of San Valentin of 1973, only two days before, had been born their grandson, the actor, Alexander Martin, son of Dean Paul Martin and the actress Argentina Olivia Hussey . In spite of the divorce, they maintained a good relation.

The Show of Ed Sullivan

The fame of the humorous ones was great and were attemped by the television. In fact, 20 of June of 1948 was the comedians invited for a prorange of varieties that released CBS titled Toast of the Town, whose presenter was Ed Sullivan . (This program, with time, became classic of the television and not only in the United States, staying in antenna during decades. As of the ninth season ( 18 of September of 1955 ), happened to be called The Ed Sullivan Show would be everything referring for a Television, beyond the United States . Finally, longevo program stopped emitting 28 of March of 1971 . Dean Martin, already without Lewis, would return to appear like guest in the program 30 of June of 1957.

Hollywood-apogee of the fame

In 1949, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis already had certain fame reason why they attracted the attention of Paramount contracted that them.

The pair of comedians was able to attract the public to the rooms of exhibition, therefore, their films were profitable to the studies. Between 1949 and 1956 rolled 18 together films. The most usual directors of these were George Marshall, Hal Walker and Norman Taurog .

From 1951, the pair of comedians begins to also work in television. Both are habitual stars invitades in the program of varieties The Colgate Comedy Hour emitted between 1950 and 1955 by NBC .

From the decade of the 50, Dean Martin was member of a group of actors known like Rat pack along with Frank Sinatra, Peter Lawford or Sammy Davis, Jr . All participated in the film the eleven Group of of 1960 . Of the members of rat pack was said that they had Straits contacts with the world of the Mafia, in fact, were let see with well-known members of the crime organized in Fertile valleys, city in which they felt like fish in the water.

Crazy by Anita of 1956 was the last film in which Martin and Lewis participated together.

The rupture

The egos of both, finally, were incompatible. Dean Martin, at this point was only an appendix of the ego of Lewis who believed, that the success had to its action, this began to notch the friendship between both and began to have rubbing and discussions. Martin held to Lewis until the moment at which he saw that he needed no longer it and that he could initiate a race alone he rejected and it.

Martin quisó to maintain the popularity level already acquired and began alone, his race like cinematographic actor, realizing papers of gallant and singer and left to some memorable titles like the four children of Katie Elder of Hathaway, Bravo River of Hawks, Bésame, idiot of Wilder, Like a torrent of Minnelli ., and especially the Damn Dance Of of Dmytryk.

The Show of Dean Martin

In 1965, Dean Martin is contracted by NBC and it becomes the host of his own program of Television that received the name of The Dean Martin Show . This Program of varieties began to emit 16 of September of 1965 .

In 1973, after eight seasons in antenna, The Dean Martin Show was losing hearing, reason why the directors of the chain decided to give a new air and thought him about introducing to stars of weight to do of hook and to attract the spectators. Nevertheless it did not work either and the program was cancelled.

The NBC, instead of to give the subject by trenched and to dismiss Dean Martin, wanted to continue operating the popularity of its star, reason why it retook the idea to interview to stars and signed with Dean Martin so that a series of special will roll. The new program was titled like The Dean Martin Celebrity Roast .

Declination of its estrellato

In 1966 I interpret to Matt Helm, a spy to the style James Bond, although in key of humor. It would give life to this hero in a series composed by four films, chronological order: The Silencers and Matt Helm, very special agent (both of 1966 ), the ambush ( 1967 ) and the mansion of the seven pleasures ( 1969 ). At the end of the fourth delivery, a fifth film of the series Matt Helm that was going to call The Ravagers, like the novel of Hamilton published in announced 1964 . Nevertheless, Dean Martin refused to return to incarnate to the personage and the project was cancelled.

In 1973, contracted marriage by fourth time with Catherine Hawn. Both adopataron to a girl Heather Lyn . The marriage only lasted three years.

Its last film for the cinema was the Crazy people of Cannonball II of 1984 .

In 1985, the NBC it contract to comprise of the distribution of a new titled series Half Nelson. The series carried out by Joe Pesci, like Nelson Rock, was one Sitcom, in winch, to a detective of Beverly Hills, that takes advantage of its short stature to stop to solve the cases. The paper of Martin was the one of informer of the detective. The series was cancelled and 6 episodes were only emitted.

Final life

21 of March of 1987, its Dino son passed away in a plane crash on Mountains of San Gorgonio, Californian . The loss was a hard blow for Dean Martin who sank in a deep depression of which never he would get to recover.

Dean Martin died, with 78 years, day of Christmas of 1995 in Beverly Hills, Californian as a result of enfisema that produced its advanced cancer to him of lung. Their rest are in Cemetery Westwood Memorial Village Park of Los Angeles, Californian .


Of Dean Martin, Dino for their friendly, many things have been said. Like likeable and good natured person in social and fiesteros atmospheres but, to the time a distant and reserved person. A vividor, mujeriego hardened, with a as great ego as the one that him enrostraba to Jerry Lewis and who was incapable to love one more a woman than like the companion able to give the children him whom he had in great number. Their songs still are listened to through the waves by everybody.

According to the book " Frank Sinatra and the forgotten art vivir" of BIll Zehme, which is very well documented, Dean Martin almost did not drink, although always he had a glass of liquor in the hand to disguise this.


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