David Silva Guglielmeti ( 9 of October 1917, Mexico, D.F - † 20 of September 1976, Mexico, D.), outstanding Mexican actor, very known by its versatility within the time sea bream the Mexican cinema, icon of diverse social layers, and prolific actor who extended his based activity in an ample professionalism, which at present deserved to him to be considered like a sacred monster of Mexican Cinema .

Its initial life

From Swiss-Italian and French ancestry on the part of mother, David Silva was born in City of Mexico of 9 October of 1917, being its parents David Silva Ramirez - outstanding singer and professor of sort song operistico- and Aida Guglielmeti Travesì of American origin. Because his father worked next to Enrico Caruso a part of the childhood of David was developed in the United States, he is not but until the retirement of his father when the family returned to Mexico where she initiated his studies in the French-English School of the City of Mexico, later to study in the National School of Jurisprudence of UNAM where he does not conclude his studies as a result of his incursion like " extra", - in the film Under the Sky of Mexico caused by express invitation of its friendly of the school. Nevertheless the artistic means had captivated already it from before since also it had penetrated in the radio like speaker of XEW, XEQ, and XEB " the B grande", which would render a certain security to him in the scene. In certain occasion during the shooting of it films " Zandunga" where I participate less neither the more nor than Lupe Vélez, this him aseverò: " You never go away of Mexico because the success arrived aquí" to you;, their condition of actor without credit, nor made it to fame notice himself of the conditions under which these worked, moving it to participate in the formulation of the first union of extras, which I win to him I veto by more of a year. Its first stellar one obtained under the baton of " to it; Fernández" Indian; in the film " The Island of the Pasión" (" Clipperton"). The continuous work next to great personalities of the cinema was placing to him in estatus high, which would turn soon it into Gallant of the Mexican Cinema. Of this original stage as actor emphasizes it films " Toast of Amor" rolling in Hollywood next to Irina Baronova and under the direction of Dudley Murphy .

The apogee

With a trajectory consolidated next to Pedro Armendáriz, Carmen Montejo, Carlos Lopez Moctezuma, Joaquin Pardavé, Sara Garci'a, Maria Antonieta Pons, Sworn Katy, etc. Its work in Hollywood assures a prolonged demurrage to him - by part of MGM -, when it receives the news that " looks for an actor to personify the life of Rodolfo; The Chango" Casanova, from asks for the paper there which I imply a great physical and mental challenge that decides to confront. With the interpretation of " Kid" Newfoundland (Champion without crown), David Silva would gain the Ariel to the best actor in the year of 1947 having defeated to Pedro Armendáriz (Enamored) another legend of the Mexican cinema. " Champion without corona" one becomes a full success reaching three Ariel prizes. The film approaches the spectator to diverse worlds where until the language it reflects the social condition of the town. The film to the date is considered Jewel of the National Cinema by its photographic, linguistic and cultural content. The metamorphosis of David begins when adopting popular personages, but to good of those of campirano and urban gallant who often used to interpret, which would be worth two nominations to him more by its activities in " Corner bajan" (1949) and " Backs mojadas" (1956). Both films directed by Alexander Galindo, director of " Champion without Corona" and next to who would reach his greater successes. It returned to Hollywood to act in films " The first Texan" under the direction of Byron Haskins playing the role of Santa Anna

Cinema of Suburb

The actoral discipline of David was fire-resistant, the physical maturity went of the hand of the actoral, its physical image allowed him to interpret diverse papers, of personages with extreme profiles. The versatility would help him and begin to roll films with police and even black dye, " the cinema of arrabal" Juan Orol knew his more famous side next to, but also of David Silva. Gangster, Gangster, Corrupt Police, Traficante or Tratante de Blancas, these squalid personages would be reflected in the interpretations of David, the image of a surrealistic Mexico took to the screen. The exotic rumberas and were the complement of confused histories, that frequently were approached. During the government of Miguel German serian many the films realized under this tónica." Hands of Seda", " Ventarrón", " In the shade of puente", " Angels of arrabal" they are of most characteristic of this time and at which David acted.

Its last papers

Entered the decade of 60 years the age of Whistles limited more space to him within the screen, initially hero, gallant or good looking villain everything had been back, nevertheless his disposition to continue the profession that as much placed he loved it in important positions of the Mexican filmografía, always looking for the use in an industry that had become. The new filmic fashions, Cinema of Adventures (Rancheras, Fighters), Fantastic Cinema (Terror, Vampires, etc.), " Chilli" Western (Cinema of cattle tenders to " style mexicano"), they did not mean an obstacle for David, that always was arranged to execute activities, that to the passage of time they became famous and memorable.

Hurricane Ramirez

Perhaps he is one of the films that frame the beginning of the cinema of adventures taking like hero to a clear personage of the Mexican culture: " The Luchador", David owned an important physical skill, to this films would follow the fashion to him of the cinema of Fighters, digase; Santo or Blue Demon the concept of Joselito Rodriguez would follow effective by many years but.

Of the new generation

He was the favorite actor of many directors of the old man but also of the new guard, of this stage completes stands out " The laughter of the Ciudad" of Edgardo Gazcón, " The Topo" of Alexander Jodorowsky and mythical " The Castle of pureza" of Arthur Ripstein, whose notoriety is the conjunction of lights of first level of " time of oro" like: Rita Macedo, Claudius Brook and David.

The successful and legendary tripleta David Silva - Fernando Grove " Mantequilla" - Alexander Galindo, would support to the debut of the singer Vicente Fernandez in " Tacos to the Carbón", serious his it completes action together.

In spite of his doubtless actoral quality, never it was allowed to direct a film him.


In 1971 this outstanding actor suffered a motoring accident that injured the left leg seriously to him, put under the medical diagnosis, was discovered that it suffered a more serious problem, the disease: Diabetes . Its complico state to the degree of being necessary to amputate the relegated leg to him being to the use of wheelchair. It interpreted his posthumous paper in films " The Albañiles" (of Jorge Phons ), in the month of September of 1976 a surgery practiced to him to amputate the right leg, but the diabetes to him complicó the clinical picture having a fatal outcome, when dying the actor, the day 20 of September of 1976 .


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  • The Zandunga (1937)
  • The house of ogro (1938)
  • Men of sea (1938)
  • Coffee concord (1939)
  • Men of the air (1939)
  • I will live again (1939)
  • The broody hen (1941)
  • The island of the passion ( Clipperton ) (1941)
  • The bloody inn (1941)
  • The grandma (1942)
  • What only the man can suffer (1942)
  • Christmas present (1942)
  • Eternal secret (Heart of woman) (1942)
  • I am pure Mexican (1942)
  • Yolanda (Toast of love) (1942)
  • Bird without nest (Anita de Montemar) (1943)
  • Balajú (1943)
  • The miserable ones (1943)
  • Three brothers (1943)
  • The Mexican (1944)
  • The culprit (1944)
  • Porfirio Diaz (Between two loves) (1944)
  • Flower of Peach tree (1945)
  • Lining the sun (1945)
  • Champion without crown - On the life of boxer Rodolfo Casanova- (1945)
  • In the shade of the bridge (1946)
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  • There is place for… two! - sequel of: Corner Lowers! - (1948)
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  • You do not want so much to me (1949)
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  • I bring my 45 (1952)
  • Chaste of oak (1952)
  • Wet backs (1953)
  • The Fernandez de Peralvillo (1953)
  • News article (1953) Directed by Emilio Fernandez
  • Wife I give you (1956)
  • The age of the temptation (1958)
  • Fatal trap - fistol of the devil (1958)
  • They also are rebellious (1959)
  • The flying phenomenon - Acting next to Adalberto Martinez Means (1960)
  • In search of the death (1960)
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  • Madness of terror
  • Tomorrow they will be men (1960)
  • The night of Thursday (1960)
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  • And God I call earth (1960)
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  • The brothers of the Iron (1961)
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  • The mystery of " Ramirez" hurricane; (1962)
  • The laughter of the city (1962)
  • Division narcotic (1963)
  • The world of drugs (1963)
  • The paper man (1963)
  • The bloody revolver (1964)
  • Loading with the dead (1964)
  • The final straight line (1964)
  • The puppy (1965)
  • Charro of the skulls (1965)
  • Duel of gunmen (1965) films of type " Chili Western"
  • The son of " Ramirez" hurricane; (1965)
  • The damn ones (1965)
  • The secret of texano (1965)
  • The gangsters (1965)
  • She arrives the Texano hands.! (1967)
  • A gift for the Texano (1967)
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  • We are already men (1970)
  • Angels and querubines (1971)
  • The mansion of madness (1971)
  • Pubertinaje (1971)
  • Tacos to the coal (1971) marking to the cinematographic debut of the singer Vicente Fernandez
  • Those years (1972)
  • The castle of the purity - based on a novel of Luis Spota - (1972)
  • Faith, hope and charity
  • the Sagrada Mountain (The Holy Mountain) again under the direction of Alexander Jodorowsky (1972)
  • A pink one on Ring (1972)
  • San Simon of the Magueyes (1972)
  • Alucarda, the daughter of the darknesses. (1976)
  • The Bricklayers (1976)


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