This cuol most of inhabits in forest humid of the island of New Guinea and the islands Aru . In New Guinea it lives normally in the 1,000 heights that go up to around msnm, although can be him until the 3.

Faneróptica and anatomy

Cuol or Satanelo de New Guinea is one of the smallest species of the sort.

Unlike others Dasiuros, only the end of Tail and its Ventral surface is darkened.

Marsupio is reduced to two simple ones you fold of Skin to both sides of Belly in which are the 8 Mamas that owns Females

Nourishing physiology and habits

As others cuoles is opportunistic and omnivorous.

One is a fierce hunter able to lower larger prey that his own one.

Biology of the reproduction

  • Esperanza of vida: 3 years in captivity.


Nocturne. Although he is essentially terrestrial, is a good climber.

A local term exists to designate to this animal, " stilman", that comes to mean " ladrón" due to the capacity that it has to snatch the food to other hunters.

Ecological roll

  • Classification UICN : Vulnerable
The loss or alteration of the habitat is described like main irrigations of survival of the species, the competition or the predación with introduced species and the persecution which it is put under.

It is also seen

  • Annex: Cladograma Australidelphia


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