Cristino Nicolaides ( 2 of January of 1925 ) is ex- Argentine Military man, that participated in Dictatorship self-appointed military man Process of National Reorganization, integrating the fourth military junta ( Cristino Nicolaides, Frank Rubén, August Jorge Hughes ) that governed the country between 1982 and 1983 . This Military junta assumed the power after War of the Falklands and chose with the title of president to Reynaldo Bignone . gave the power to the democratic government presided over by Raul Alfonsi'n 10 of December of 1983 that decided not to judge to the last meeting, although later justice reviewed that decision. Nicolaides is today in prison accused of several causes.


Nicolaides graduated with the degree as Lieutenant in the body as engineers in 1946. Promoted to Captain, served in General Staff as Argentine Army ; in 1970 Colonel received the promotion to, being named director of the School on watch battle. At the beginning of the dictatorship, with the degree of Colonel, played the role of head of the Commando of VII the brigade of Infantry; soon promoted to General, she was head of the Battalion of 601 Intelligence and the Military Institute of Field of May, before being appointed Commander-in-Chief of Argentine Army 18 of June of 1982, after the Argentine defeat in War of the Falklands . Like representative of the Army, he was one of the members of the fourth Military junta (also composed by Frank Rubén and August Jorge Hughes ) that governed the country between the aim of the war and the return to the democracy the 10 of December of 1983, designating in charge of executive Reynaldo Bignone .

The members of the last military junta were not judged in 1985 in Judgment to the Meetings, being excluded by the then president Raul Alfonsi'n in the decree that ordered the judgments. Nevertheless, the members of the last meeting and the last president have been process by the writing of the call Final Document on Lucha against the Subversion and the Terrorism and the sanction of one Law of autoamnistía, because it has concealed the kidnapping of children.

Later Nicolaides again has been judged by other crimes. At the moment Subtraction of minors is in domiciliary prison by the causes of, who were not covered by the laws with Full stop and Obedience Due, as well as by other causes abiertas after the cancellation of these.

The 19 of December of 2007 were found guilty of illicit association, illegal deprivation of the freedom, illegal pressures and reduction to the servitude of six members of the organization Montoneros that remain disappearing, including a Ricardo Zuker Marks . It was condemned for that reason to bleed 25 years of prison. In this judgment him quota to Nicolaides to be, along with other seven ex--members of the Armed Forces and of security, first in being judged from the cancellation of the Laws of Obedience Due and Full stop.

Also is accused it to have responsibility in the call Massacre of Bethlehem Daisy and Current disappearances that took place in during their performance to the control of the region.

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