Clordiazepóxido is a hypnotic drug derived from Benzodiacepinas Posee properties of Sedation, ansiolisis and muscular relaxation .


The clordiazepóxido one was first Benzodiazepina in being synthesized and being arranged to its commercialization. in the middle of was open pie accidentally by Leo Sternbach 50s, and commercialized by Roche Pharmaceuticals in 1960 . has one moderate Elimination half-life to long.

Sternbach would later develop Diazepam, sold by Roche from 1963 . Soon other companies would develop many other varieties of this drug.

As the prescriptions of benzodiacepinas were in quick ascent at the end of 60s and in 70 years, the problem of dependancy to these drugs began to arise. Nevertheless, the clordiazepóxido one is still an effective treatment for the patients who undergo of pictures of acute Anxiety . Still one takes place and it prescribes nowadays, along with an ample variety of benzodiazepinas, all with similar characteristics.

Mechanism of Action

It is thought that the clordiazepóxido one acts on the receivers GABA type To, producing an inhibiting effect similar to the one of others Benzodiazepinas

The clordiazepóxido one blocks the cerebral activity build-up electrical originating of the stimulation of reticular Formation in Trunk of encéfalo .

In animal studies an action has been seen on límbico System of Brain, which has to do with the emotional effects of the drug. These effects are essentially the diminution of the fear and the aggression.


The clordiazepóxido one is indicated for the treatment of:
  • Insomnia .
  • Upheaval of panic .
  • Syndrome of alcoholic abstinence .
  • Syndrome of abstinence from opiate .
  • ulcerous Colitis .
  • Disease of Crohn .


The clordiazepóxido one is available in presentations of 5mg, 10mg and 25mg.

Adverse effects

Common adverse effects of the clordiazepóxido one include:
  • Drowsiness .
  • Depression .
  • Upheavals in the function motorboat:
    • Upheavals in Coordination .
    • Upheavals of Balance .
    • Vertigo .
  • Nervousness .
  • Amnesia anterógrada (especially with high doses).


The use of clordiazepoxidodebeevitar itself in people with the following conditions:
  • Miastenia gravis
  • Acute poisoning by:
    • Alcohol
    • Narcotics
    • Other psychoactive substances.
  • Ataxia
  • severe Hipoventilación .
  • Glaucoma of close angle.
  • Severe hepatic deficiency:
    • Hepatitis .
    • hepatic Cirrhosis .
  • Apnea of the severe dream .
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity to any drug of the class of the benzodiazepinas.


An individual that has consumed too much clordiazepóxido can present/display one or more of the following symptoms:
  • Drowsiness (difficulty to stay wide-awake)
  • Mental disorder.
  • arterial Hypotension .
  • Hipoventilación
  • Upheavals in the muscular function:
    • Upheaval in Reflected
    • Upheaval in Coordination .
    • Upheavals of Balance .
    • Mareos ** Muscular Weakness.
  • Comma .

In animal models, oral DL50 is of 537 mg/kg.

Overdose of clordiazepóxido is considered a emergencia medical and requires, generally, the immediate attendance of medical personnel. Antidote for a clordiazapóxido overdose of (as with any other benzodiazepina) is Flumazenil .

Legal considerations

Internationally, the clordiazepóxido one is a drug in list IV according to Agreement on psicotrópicas substances .
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