cistosarcoma or tumor filoides is predominantly benign and rare Tumor that almost exclusively happens in feminine sine. Its name derives from the Greek words sarcoma that are a fleshy tumor and edge that means leaf. The tumor has the appearance of great malignant Sarcoma, takes the characteristic form of leaf when it is sectioned and it exhibits quísticos epithelial spaces when is seen histological . Because they are benign tumors, the sarcoma name is not used very frequently, having preference by the terminology tumor filoides .


The tumor filoides is more frequent Neoplasia not-epithelial in the breasts, but it only represents a 1% of all the tumors of the sine. It is a tumor of fast growth, under Microscope it can be a tumor of few centimeters or can present/display massive injuries of up to 30 cm. The aspect is fleshy, white or grisáseo and signs, lobed with quísticas cracks and areas of Necrosis and Hemorrhage . has certain histological similarity to Fibroadenoma, but it shines with greater cellularity, epitelio is benign with Estroma that surrounds to epitelio of atypical characteristics and hypercellular.
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