cipermetrina is Insecticide Piretroide of ample phantom.

The cipermetrina is an insecticide, nonsystemic, nonvolatile that acts by contact and ingestion. and low toxicity for offer an effective control of Insects Mammalian . It has very good effectiveness in Lepidópteros, Coleopters and Hemípteros, inside cultures . The cipermetrina also is used to control Flies and other insects in the domestic animal cockpits of and Plagues that affects public Health ( Mosquitos and Cockroaches ).

It formulates C22H19Cl2NO3

(1RS) - cis, trans-3- (2,2-diclorovinil) - 2,2-dimetilciclopropano carboxilato of (RS) - ciano-3-Fenoxibencilo (IUPAC).


Oral acute 200-800 mg/kg in Rats Slight irritation in Dermis, moderate irritation in Eyes The cipermetrina is slight an irritating eyeglass and sensibilizante of the dermis. is not Mutágeno, Teratógeno or Carcinogen and is not accumulated in woven greasy . Toxic for Bees highly Very toxic for Fish .


Atropine 1%

Galmedic makes in Paraguay like insecticide along with 0.0 dimetil-2,2-Diclorovinilfosfato.

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