chucrut (of French choucroute, and this of German Sauerkraut : Sauer : bitter; Kraut : cabbage, cabbage, that is to say: salty cabbage or in brine) is a typical food of Alsace, Germany and Poland that is prepared making ferment the leaves of Cabbage (cabbage) in water with salt ( Salmuera ).

One is used in the majority of cases like plate support that is generally flavored with some spices such as Juniper or Pepper, and diverse Inserted and meat of pig.


It seems that the first references to the elaboration of chucrut come from China of the north and was exported towards Europe by means of the expansion of mongoles . is very present in all the gastronomies of This of Europe.

The Jewish tribes who inhabit these parts of Europe transmitted the elaboration of Chinese cabbage ( Brassica pekinensis ) to the countries of the west of Europe. Due to his capacity of conservation during long periods of time, one has been used in Germany, Holland and Poland to be consumed during the winter periods in which she is necessary to conserve vegetables to balance the diet. Usually one eats accompanied of pig meat and the Jewish prescriptions usually use chucrut to elaborate Duck and Goose . Captain Cook used to take Barrels of chucrut in its boats so that the crew had the possibility of preventing Escorbuto .


Chucrut is elaborated with Cabbages finely pricked that mix with salt and they put in an Anaerobic container together so that takes place fermentation ; the mission of the salt is the one to dry Vegetable until it owns a percentage of low water, is due to distribute homogenous on the perforated cabbage but chucrut will be obtained “pink”. During this process Fungi form in the surface, to be able to eliminate them totally once preparation and trying of which the water level with salt appears in surface settles a wood to him covering the surface and a weight exceeds she (bottle with water) and a glass of is spilled within the container vegetal Oil, when being afloat that oil makes the contact with enemy about the air with salt water impossible ( Salmuera ) and eliminates the possibility in the formation of fungi.

The fermentation is initiated by Leuconostoc mesenteroides whereas other bacteria (mainly Lactobacillus, Streptococcus, and Pediococcus spp. ) is those that continue the process of fermentation within the container; the temperature of fermentation must be below 18°C so that it takes place with guarantees and acid flavor (provided by acid lactic and acid acetic, this last one in smaller proportion).

Alternative elaboration


  • 2,5 kg firm and mature cabbages, without external leaves, cuarteadas and without the heart
  • 750 g of marine salt without trying

kg crumbles the 2.5 of cabbage, with a cortajuliana or a sharpened knife, forming strips of the thickness of a currency. They are put in a great salad bowl, and one dusts off with 3 spoonfuls of salt, and mixing with the hands or stainless steel spoon. It washes a great stoneware container with soapy water, rinsing it and escáldelo with boiling water, escúrralo and places the salty cabbage, in turns, the container. Juices will form it is as it packaging and tightening downwards. The process is repeated until filling the container, 1 DM of the edge. Asegúrese with which the juice covers the cabbage, if is not thus, prepares an additional brine mixing 2 spoonfuls of salt with 1 L of boiling water, and one cools off to room temperature before upsetting to the container. It covers the cabbage and póngale a weight raises to maintain submerged it in the brine. It puts several polythene bags within other to obtain a stock market of multiple thickness and the flood with the brine dissolution (2 spoonfuls of sal/1 L of water) and póngala on the cabbage. Stock-market must fit well with the inner part of pote, to maintain the cabbage separated from the air, it avoids the growth of moulds and/or ferments. The amount of brine of stock-market can be varied to maintain the cabbage submerged. It twists and it ties stock-market to close it.

And soon with a thick towel, tying around pote to hold everything (plastic and towel). Not abrir until the fermentation has concluded. The fermentation begins 2º day, where the consumed time will depend on the room temperature: optimal room temperature to obtain chucrut 24º C, taking 3 weeks; to 21 ºC 4 weeks; to 18 ºC, 5 weeks; to 16 ºC, 6 weeks. Temperatures upon 24 ºC are inconvenient because they accelerate too much the fermentation and it spoils.

The room temperature is watched to determine when there is to verify chucrut. It retires the cover. The fermentation will have completed when stopping the bubbling and when no longer they raise to more bubbles the surface when striking smoothly pote.

Old elaboration

The old system consisted instead of to compress the cabbage with a full brine stock market, in taking care of chucrut daily covering the cabbage with a clean white linen cloth. And above fit a heavy and scalded plate within pote. The linen cloth over the plate bends; and they are used, like weights, water clean, full, ciérrelos with its covers and metallic clips and escáldelos glass bottles before supporting them on the plate. Sufficient weights are due to use so that the brine is 5 cm over the plate, facilitating the daily foamed one. If it were necessary, prepares more additional brine. It covers pote with a heavy towel of curl and ties. Liberalization every day pote, retires the leavening layer or mould with a scalded stainless steel spoon. It has to point a second prepared bottle as weight, previously scalded, to replace the previous one. It changes to the plate and the towel by other clean ones. It again covers pote with a clean towel.

Chucrut can be conserved in the refrigerator once finished the fermentation. If it wishes to keep it more time, llévela to boiling in a great casserole, póngala soon in bottles and esterilícelos to the bath 20 Maria min .

Chucrut can use fries in salads, or warms up with meats. Its acidity depends on the time of baking. Caliéntela simply if it wishes that it is strong and crisp. If it wishes to obtain a smoother flavor, cuézala more time. The winter cabbage is most appropriate for chucrut, because it has more sugar. The sauerkraut (chucruta) is almost essential to accompany the majority by famous German sausages, mainly those of Nuremberg. The unique exception, the sausage that never uses with sauerkraut is the Weisswurst (white sausage) of Munich, that is accompanied slightly by sweet mustard.

Easy or false Chucrut chucrut

  • Cabbage, 1 medium one
  • Oil, 1 spoonful
  • Black grain pepper, 1 spoonful
  • Dry white wine, one wins
  • Wine vinegar, 5 spoonfuls
  • Grain salt


  • To wash the cabbage, to cut it in quarters, to clear and to reject the trunk it last of the center and to cut the leaves with a sharpened good blade, very finely
  • To warm up the oil in a pot, to incorporate the cabbage, to salpimentar and to leave cook revolviendo, about five minutes
  • To cook to untimed fire until the cabbage is tender
  • To add the vinegar and the wine, and to cook 10 minutes more


Due to its vitamin content (especially Vitamin C ) chucrut has been used as vitamin contribution stored in the gastronomies of the north of Europe, due to the existence of lengths to invier to us, in which some of conserved vegetables did not hold as much time, the effect is the one to fight the possible deficiencies of these vitamins. Very is known the use from Century XVII this food in the food of the crews of the boats to prevent Escorbuto .

Plates with chucrut

As a rule this fermented product usually eats as trimming of diverse plates of Meat as well as in Salads Is an ingredient of some of the kitchens of Europe .

Gastronomy of Germany

  • In Hesse usually eats ribs with chucrut ( Frankfurter Rippchen ) ribs of pig in Salmuera cooked with sauerkraut.
  • Sauerkraut is, in the gastronomy of Bavaria, an important part of the denominated plate Schlachtschüssel (meat coming from despoliation of Slaughter ).
  • In the kitchen of Berlin-Brandenburgo is elaborated Forearm of pig ( Eisbein ) with sauerkraut.
  • In Franconia cooks the sauerkraut several times with Meat of pig or calf, to provide a strong flavor to him, being this the reason for which the sauerkraut of Franconia is generally darker. Usually one eats with different types from Inserted and Sausages such as: Bratwurst, Stadtwurst (sausage of Lyons), Leberknödeln (liver meatballs) or accompanying to plates by Meat .
  • A typical plate in original gastronomy of Germany of its central part is the denominated plate Klunz that are potato puree on sauerkraut and pig butter .
  • The sauerkraut in Saxony is similar to the one of Franconia, but Cumin has like additional spice .

Gastronomy of France

  • In Alsace chucrut can be seen in the majority of plates, and it eats like support to the inlays such as sausages. Usually one does not cook much and of color it is rather clearly.

Gastronomy of Hungary

  • In Hungary usually is taken mixed with some Gulash, in this country chucrut is of flavor something sharper.

Gastronomy of Switzerland

  • It accompanies to Berner Platte (a estofada mixture of meats of different types) and Swiss Schlachtplatte

Gastronomy of Poland

  • Chucrut is the main part of bigos the national plate of Poland denominated (estofado hot).

Gastronomy of Austria

  • In Austria has Bauernschmaus (delight of farmers), with Blood sausages and Sausages as well as meat of pig accompanied with Knödel (meatballs of mass of bread).

Gastronomy of Chile

  • Chucrut arrived at Chile by means of the immigrants German, and has comprised of traditional " completo" Chilean, a type of hot Small dog with Sausage, Tomato, Palta (avocado), Mayonnaise and chucrut.

Similar meals

Chucrut is very similar in other countries, of this form is had:
  • In Korea gimchi is elaborated with cabbages and fermented peppers.
  • In Japan exists Tsukemono .
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