Bullerengue, is a music and dances of the Atlantic coast of Colombia and Panamanian Darién executed by present descending of wild that inhabited that region.


The word bullerengue means pollerón or skirt of maternity. of where the present superexperiences were created


In the black cultural atmosphere a dance of single women is defined, of doubtless African ancestor, apparently come off the ritual customs of palenque of San Basilio, forming part of the acts of initiation of the young people to the puberty.


The rate well is marked, independent, net African, executed by drums, without no derivation towards the melody. The young people go to the patio in row, palmoteando with the hands in stop, to half-step, similar to the one of cumbia and On guard raised. Several figures follow one another, using the skirts, that symbolize the offering of the fertility.

Music includes a drum female or drum also cheers accompanied of a ollamador male drum that takes the rate, totuma with a plate of stoneware broken in its interior. and Las Palmas of the choir that accompanies music.

In addition

At vocal level bullerengue is led by a teacher of ceremony and its song is based on the narration of a history by means of question and answer in tenth and fragmented lines.


* Drum caller (male).
* Drum cheers (female).
* Tambora, Guache.
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