Bromhexina is an agent Mucolítico used in the treatment of respiratory upheavals associated with viscid or excessive mucosity.


Bromhexina supports the body of own the natural mechanisms to clean the mucosity of the respiratory tract.

He is secretomotor: that is to say, it increases the production of serous snot in the respiratory tract and causes that flema is thin and less sticky. This contributes to a secretomotorico effect: aid to Cilia (tiny hairs that the line of respiratory Tract ) to therefore transport flema of Lungs, often adds some Antitusígeno (cough) the syrups.

Sometimes is replaced by its metabolite Ambroxol, like in Mucosolvan or Mucoangin.

Names of mark

  • Bisolvon Forte
  • Bromhexina Hoesttabletten HCl
  • Paxirasol
  • Barkacin
  • Vasican
  • Robitussin ME


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