Brienne Tarth is one of the main personages with point of view in the series of novels Song of Ice and Fire of the writer George R.

Brienne is the unique and inheriting daughter of Lord Selwyn Tarth de Castillo of the Dusk; it had three brothers, none of which survived beyond the childhood. Her family must to loyalty to the Lores of Storm Bastion . The Tarth House governs Island of Tarth, located in a margin of Bay of Shipwrecks . Lord Selwyn receives the name of Star of afternoon.

It is greater and strong than the majority of the men, Brienne it has the necessary constitution and it is a single-breasted uniform jacket sufficiently experienced to manage his desire to become horseman, except his sex. Nothing it would like but that to be accepted by the horsemen like an equal in rights and abilities. She is clumsy and desmañada in his relations, but also she is very honest and stubborn. Cavalry maintains an ingenuous conception idealizada of, in spite of the many insults that have received from some horsemen, who call " Brienne the Bella" in order to make fun of of its ugliness. Also is known it like " Brienne, the Maid of Tarth", but its more common and neutral nickname is " Brienne de Tarth", since Tarth House comprises of and was born in the island of Tarth.



Brienne is abnormally great and strong to be a woman, and surpasses to the majority of the men in size. Their great and blue eyes give a trusting and sincere aspect him, but those are their unique attractiveness. Their shoulders are wide, but it has very little chest. Its face also is wide and rough, with a great nose that already are broken several times. Its mouth also is too wide, with prominent teeth and plump lips that almost seem inflations. Its hair is of the color of the dirty straw and its face is speckled with freckles.

In a while determined it describes it to a horseman like " with face and teeth of horse ".

In spite of it, Brienne de Tarth is a strong and capable woman, trained in its field of interest and other many. Nevertheless, it emotionally presents/displays it to Martin like needed and weak, and idealistically ignorant envelope which represents the authentic cavalry.


Previous history

In spite of his ugliness, during his youth it had many pretending noble, that in fact coveted the title and the wealth of their father. To it rejected all of them them, since in the majority of the cases one was men already very majors that looked for a new marriage; or noble children second without rights. He did not want to that not outside as hard as she. Although they never courted many it was enamored since he always knew clearly his situation. And from young person he preferred to mount to horse, the combats and the jousts to other considered but feminine tasks. His father respected his desire to get to become horseman in spite of supposed many indignant misfortunes and noble to him.

Thus he followed his life without too many changes until during his participation in a match he began to be visited and to be courted by a good number of horsemen. All wanted to accompany it, to tell histories him and to recite poetries to him. It was on the verge of thinking that really something different was happening, that it began to be accepted, until another horseman, who was not between his pretending ones, revealed the truth to him: Nights before, being drunk after the great dinner, a group made a bet see that was first the able one to conquer its doncellez. After recriminating these actions to them and obtaining that the confession of the participants, these were still more and declared there that never it would really manage to be a horseman, who had to leave his dreams of infantile fantasy and to dedicate itself to woman tasks, like marrying and having children.

The fury and rage that felt made it defeat all opponents, even hurting them with ferocity. But something was broken in her, and it did not return to trust any man, until it knew King Renly.

During Shock of kings

During War of the Five Kings, Renly Baratheon declared to itself king of the Seven Kingdoms after the death of its brother Robert, with the support of powerful Tyrell House in Altojardín .

At the same time his other brother, Stannis Baratheon also declares king of the West, with the support of of the red priestess Melisandre and some houses of the Narrow Sea. Angry because his Renly brother does not take oath to him, he decides to besiege Storm Bastion, he soothes of his brother to force to him to return and to deal with him. At the moment Renly is reuniting to its armies in Puenteamargo, and celebrating a great joust to demonstrate that it was not worried about the challenge of his brother. Like the Tarth House this subordinate one to Storm Bastion, Brienne goes with a group of soldiers of its father.

In order to reflect its new estatus real, Renly was surrounded by a Real Guard, call the Guard Rainbow, since each of its seven members took to a layer of a color of Rainbow . Brienne won to a Dark-brown Tyrell in the match of Puenteamargo, reason why Renly Baratheon appoints horseman of its Arcoiris Guard, like Brienne the Blue one, it assigns and it like his personal assistant. Renly does not make fun of of her, on the contrary supports, it as never nobody except to its had done it before father.

Brienne is present when arrives Catelyn Stark to negotiate with Renly a possible Stark-Baratheon alliance against the Lannister. Renly does not accede unless Robb double Stark the knee before him. Also it is next to Renly during the interview with his brother in the environs of Storm Bastion. One does not reach any agreement either and Renly decides to attack and to destroy in the morning to Stannis. Nevertheless it is not carried out, since when it is getting dressed for the battle a mysterious shade appears it kills and it of a cut in the neck. The unique witnesses are Brienne and Catelyn. Before the shouts, other members of the Real Guard enter the store. As Brienne is the person nearest Renly, it maintains his body and it has even been splashed of blood, quickly all the suspicions fall envelope she. Emmon, in a wrath fit, tries to kill Brienne, but Catelyn manages to convince To rob Royce of its innocence, since Brienne was enamored with Renly, would never have damaged to him. Between Royce and Catelyn they manage to stop to Emmon and the others the sufficient time so that Catelyn and Brienne flee.

Brienne enters the service of Catelyn like personal escort and part with her to the castle of Tully, Aguasdulces.

During Storm of swords

orders it to Catelyn to escort to Jaime Lannister, that was imprisoned in Aguasdulces, until Disembarkation of the King. It tries to interchange it by its daughters Sansa and Arya, escort who them of return to Aguasdulces. As his Edmure brother would not allow east interchange, he makes start off them privily in a boat, accompanied by Cleos Frey, that is related with the Lannister House on the part of mother. They discover to them and they persecute, but they manage to flee.

Throughout the passage Jaime and Brienne is discussing, creating increasing tension, until in the end they are fought.

Although Jaime takes the chained hands, the combat is even, until interrupted and they are captured by Audacious Company, a group of mercenary that work for the Stark tra to have betrayed to the Lannister. The commander of the Company Vargo Hoat decides to catch them to request a rescue by them, are taken Harrenhal, that then is under its control. Whereas Jaime is very useful for his plans, and they cut a hand to him to send it to Disembarkation of the King, they include/understand that by Brienne they will not receive too much. Vargo tries to violate it, but she takes an ear to him of a bite, after which she is thrown to a pit with a bear, Navy only with a sword of jousts, unsuitable in a real duel.

In spite of his wound, Jaime decides to help it and manages to kill the bear. Shortly after arrives Roose Bolton at the castle, and position becomes of the situation. It orders to release them and to send them to Disembarkation of the King, with his greetings to Tywin Lannister, father of Jaime.

When they arrive at Disembarkation, Dark-brown Tyrell returns to accuse it of the death from Renly, but after speaking with her, it finishes retiring his accusation, but without possibility of leaving the city nor of fulfilling his promise to rescue the daughters of Catelyn.

Jaime has been changing since he lost the hand. The demonstrations of loyalty, honor and authentic chivalry shown by Brienne are making him reframe their life. So going completely against the plans of his family, it releases to Brienne and it orders to him that it finds and it protects to Sansa Stark. For it valyrio gives to its sword of Steel to him, and it makes him swear that it will fulfill his word, will find Arya and Sansa will take and them of return with its mother safe and sound.

Brienne starts off in its mission.

During Feast of Crows

Brienne continues in its mission to find to Sansa by Territories of the River. Podrick Payne, the old escudero of finds it Tyrión and it accedes to that she accompanies to him.

They cross Shady Valley, they are with the army of Lord Randyll Tarly (the father of Samwell Tarly by the way, and there another well-known of Brienne is united to them, Being Hyle Hunt.

The investigations of Brienne take until Crackclaw Point to them, where is ambush by several Bloody ex--members of Titiriteros, that has dissolved. Using the sword of Jaime, Guardajuramentos kills Pyg, Shagwell and Timeon. They arrive until a Sept in the estuary from River Tridente . The Older Brother of the Sept tells that he has found him to the dying Dog under a tree and that with him he had been Arya Stark, which had fled towards the coast. He persecutes it until Poza of the Dondella and Salinas, but he does not find signals of Arya.

Later is with another group, directed by Rorge, that, disguised like Sandor Clegane, has been sacking Saline. Brienne kills Rorge, but it is wounded.

Its group is found by the survivors of the Brotherhood without Standards, that takes prisoners. Thoros de Myr tells that Beric Dondarrion is dead, giving its life them to save another one. They are taken until the revivida Catelyn Stark, to which they call " Lady Heart of Piedra". Catelyn thinks that it has betrayed it to Brienne, allowing that Jaime escaped without giving to his daughters. Catelyn does not create the narration of the search of Sansa, and it orders to him that mate to Jaime or faces its execution. Brienne refuses to choose and Catelyn orders that it, Podrick and Hunt are hung. Already with the rope to the neck, " palabra" shouts one;. It is not clear that word shouts, nor if really were hanged person. Its destiny not yet is clear in Feast of Crows, that finishes in a suspension situation.

Brienne is one of the few personages who are with trustworthy information on the destiny and situation of Arya Stark.


It is speculated on whereupon Brienne is a descendant of Being Duncan the Stop.

  • Martin mentioned that in Feast of Crows would appear a descendant of Dunk.
  • In that book, Brienne remembers a shield that saw once of girl in the armory of its father, who was identical to that used Dunk. Later it caused that they painted his own shield with those colors.
  • Both were extremely high and strong.

More information

forged from the remains of Ice. It was given to Jaime Lannister by his to father, who then gave it to Brienne of Tarth.

Also, where many to other authors rely on cliches and unrealistic situations when to their male and female characters interact with each to other, George treats them dwells realistically. Though certain patterns show up often, they seem to reflect the you dwell of to their society to rather than ours. -->

  • Interview to George R.Martin on the personage of Brienne de Tarth.

  • another interview


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