Blackboard Jungle is a band of Hard rock / Glam originating metal of Los Angeles, Californian .



The original alignment consisted of the vocalista Kenny Price, the guitarist Dave Zink, the drummer Joel Faith and the bajsita Britt . After fifteen years and several changes in the alignment, the band once again consists of its original members.

In 1992, the band recorded the called album I Like It Alot, that well was received by the critic. Nevertheless, the radio stations and channels as MTV were focused in the sort " Grunge ", represented by bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Nirvana, which made difficult its incursion in the market. During this time the grouping realized a tour with Faster Pussycat in the United States, and also they realized some presentations in Japan .

Separation and later meeting

Joel Faith left to the band in 1993, and the same would make Brett Bradshaw the following year. Blackboard Jungle would record its last ones we give in study known in 1995, before separating due to personal and creative differences.

Recently, Blackboard Jungle met to make a presentation in Hollywood .

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