Batalla de Qarqar, was a battle between the Asirios lead by its king Salmanasar III and one coalition of small kingdoms of Syria and Palestine, led by Damascus.

While the asirios advanced crossing the rivers Tigris and the Euphrates, they arrived at Anatolia and Syria, where they made to the kings of Karkemish tributary, and of Alepo. At this moment he was when the Arameo Kingdom of Damascus under the kingdom of Horseradish tree-Foretell II (Foretell call in asirios documents), sugirio to the neighboring kingdoms that were united against the advance asirio, and I even get to be united with king Acab (Ahabbu call in asirios documents), who habia defeated recently but of 2 years in two battles. Thus I form the coalition of kings of Syria and Palestine. The kings were: Horseradish tree-Foretell II contributing 1200 cars, 1200 riders and 20000 soldiers of infantry. Acab the Israelite (Ahabbu mat Syri'la) I contribute 10000 infants, 2000 cars and 2000 riders, the other kings between who were: the king of Hamat, the one of Muzri, the one of Amón, the one of Arvad, the one of Usanata, the one of Irqnata, king of Tiro (or rather of the Phoenicians), the one of Ke, and the one of 2 Arab kingdoms, made contributions smaller. Altogether 60000 soldiers, and 3940 cars hacian military

According to Salmanasar III, it gained an overwhelming victory, in which I kill 14000 men, but Salmanasar return quickly to Asiria, which makes think that sufrio a reverse in the battle, Furthermore if it were a triumph, was only fleeting or of smaller impoortancia, since could not break the resistance of the league nor at least occupy its territories until the age of Hazael. Separate the Asirios does not añadian defeats or failures in their inscriptions.

The battle also is very important because in her the existence of Biblical personages like Acab and Horseradish tree-Foretell II is verified, furthermore allows to know of the power that these two kings tenian by this moment, and also allows to make the old synchronism but between Biblical and secular history

The allies post-war period

Both powerful kingdoms but of the allies were the Arameo Kingdom of Damascus and the Kingdom of Israel. These two kingdoms, have been habian faced for almost two years in Third Israelite-aramea war, in which salio forcefully winning the king of Israel. At the end of this war they made a declaration of peace and friendship, in which Horseradish tree-Foretell II comprometia to give back to him to certain cities that its father habia cleared to Israel. This peace duraria 3 years, beginning the third year, ocurrio Batalla de Qarqar, in which these two kingdoms were united to do against the threat common, but finished east conflict returned to doubtlessly appear the hostilities, because lacking Horseradish tree-Foretell II to their treatment, this desencadeanaria Fourth Israelite-aramea war, in which moriria king Acab, and comenzaria a long period of sackings and short guerillas enters sides both until Hazael, successor of Horseradish tree-Foretell II comenzo to make expeditions but violent. The other allies, did not benefit much from the war since just a few years later caerian under the troops of Salmanasar III .

The asirios post-war period

Batalla de Qarqar, ocurrio in the sixth year of Salmanasar, which disfrutaria a reigned length of almost 35 years, although probably perdio this war, I do not resign myself, but siguio trying to conquer these territories, by this Salmanasar III, is known like the first great king Asirio . Although it could not conquer Syria, nor Israel while vivio Horseradish tree-Foretell, if it could make in the reign of his successor and assassin Hazael . Since this comenzo to press Israel, in the reign of general ex- Jehu of Acab, which personally went to offer rich tributes to him and to be made his voluntarily vasallo, so that it attacked the Syrians. Salmanasar III respondio making vasallos to the arameos. But Salmanasar III was happened by weak kings who could not maintain subject to Syria.

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