Batalla de Mazocoba took place 18 of January of 1900 in the environs of the locality of Mazocoba in the Sonorous state of, Mexico, between elements of Mexican Army, to the control of the colonel Lorenzo Ortiz and elements of the army yaqui commanded by Juan Maldonado Waswechia better well-known like " Tetabiate" during War of the Yaqui .

The forces of occupation on the part of the federal government began one immediately Campaign to persecute the guerillas who constantly had increased in number after the defection of Juan Maldonado Waswechia " Tetabiate" . The General Lorenzo Towers headed several expeditions. 18 of January of 1900, three columns of their soldiers was with a Yaqui game in the heart of mountains of Bacatete. The Yaquis, in their majority on foot, was concentrated in an injured called gun of the Mazacoba in the mountain. After the confrontation that lasted all the day, the Yaquis stopped the combats. The federal soldiers gave death to 397 men, women and some children, " muchos" yaquis had committed suicide jumping on cliffs with the purpose of not to be captured.000 men, women and children were made prisoners. In the encounter, the Gral. Towers informed into which there were lost 30 soldiers and officials. Between deads of the Yaquis was a man met like " Opodepe", that had fame of being one of the supreme heads Yaqui and " soul of rebelión" for some. After the federal victory in Mazocoba the Mexican Army considered that still were 900 guerilla men yaqui in the mountain. Numerous expeditions were carried out against the guerilla during the following months. For the end of 1900, the Gral. 300 Towers considered that only they were yaquis in arms in the mountain.

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