Batalla de Maracapana was an important encounter between the Spanish conquerors and their indigenous allies, and the coalition of tribes founded by Guaicaipuro and that was settled like a decisive defeat of the Caribbean power in the Valley of Caracas that by seven years had maintained to ray the attempts of colonization of the Spaniards in the region.

The Spaniards had per years tried to found fixed fire positions on the valley of Caracas, among them Francisco Fajardo who I found the populations of San Francisco and the Col, but these towns were in their majority devastated by the natives shortly after their foundation.

The armies are in Maracapana (Site of the Maracas), a plain near the lagoon of Catia, with galleries of palms and totumales, in the environs than today it is the Park of the West and Sucre Place of the city of Caracas .

The Tiuna cacique commands to the Caribbean tribes before the absence of Guaicaipuro that profit not to arrive at the battlefield due to bad weather. After the defeat of the natives, Diego de Losada founds the city of Santiago of Leon of Caracas .

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