bartolinitis is Inflammation of Glands of Bartolino, located to both sides of Vagina, between the smaller lips and the wall of the vagina, and whose function is the vaginal lubrication. It is a curable and treatable disease without majors impacts for the normal sexual unfolding of the woman.


When obstructing itself the small orifice by where it leaves the liquid secretado by the gland, that liquid continues being produced but when not having exit it is accumulated and it begins to form a round bulk, in the edge of the vagina, that can be growing until reaching the size of an orange, although most frequent it is than it reaches the size of a nut. This process goes to compañado of pain in the affected zone.

When there is infection, the bulk fills of a purulent liquid of very disagreeable scent.


The bartolinitis appears by an obstruction of the two exit of one of Glands of Bartolino .

Some maintain that the clothes very fit or the continuous intimate article use of lycra could favor the development of bacteria that can cause this ailment. Some doctors consider that the hormonal DIU and contraceptives could change the consistency of the vaginal flow, generating episodes.

But it does not seem to have a definitive evidence of a unique specific cause nor method of prevention, and many doctors consider that the bartolinitis is mere question of predisposition of the organism.

Bartolinitis and Infecciones

In the majority of occasions, the cysts of the gland of Bartolino are not infected. Nevertheless, in some cases, the bartolinitis can be produced by an infection, or the glands can become infected secondly. In these cases speech of abscess of Bartolino.

The infection usually is produced by bacteria that normally are in the skin. is common the infection caused by one Bacterium ( Escherichia coli ), but the infection also can be produced by estreptococos estafilococos and diseases of sexual transmission, clamidia and especially the gonorrhea.

Examinations are due to practice to determine the infection existence, gathering a sample of the liquid drained for a laboratory analysis. in elderly women a biopsy can be recommended to discard a tumor of gland of underlying Bartolino.


The most habitual treatment for this ailment is with Antibiotic, antiinflammatories and analgesic that will have to be prescribed by the doctor.

With this treatment, sometimes, the bartolinitis yields spontaneously, returning the gland to their normal state. In other cases, the swelling continues increasing with the days and when the gland reaches an excessive size, the pressure of the accumulated liquid produces its rupture, and the gland drains, occurring aim thus to the episode of bartolinitis.

If the gland does not drain single, the doctor can realize a small incision to come to the drainage. This surgical incision produces the complete drainage of the abscess and provides the greater lightening and the fastest recovery of an episode of bartolinitis. This procedure can practice under local anesthesia in the medical doctor's office.

However, not always the problem is solved this way definitively, because the orifice is very small almost always and it is closed quickly before completing the drainage.

By this, the doctor can realize the introduction of a small catheter, denominated of Word, inside the cyst and in the own consultation, that is left during 2 4 weeks there so that the liquid is drained and the gland stays open. With this catheter a normal activity can be developed, although the sexual relations can be annoying while the catheter is placed.

Abscesses appellants

The bartolinitis usually are appellants, except when the gland has been extirpated.

If the obstructions take place repeatedly can be resorted, like first measurement, to the marsupialización of the gland.

In the marsupialización procedure, a small, permanent opening is created of surgical way, to facilitate the drainage of the gland. Points in the edge of the cyst are placed so that a small opening forms. This procedure allows the drainage of the liquid during a few weeks and the unique thing that there are to do is to take small a compressed one in the underclothes so that it absorbs this secretion.

Not always the marsupialización gives a definitive result.

Other less habitual treatments are the use of the surgery or the laser to extirpate all the gland. Normally both techniques can realize of ambulatory form, without needing hospitable entrance.

The operation is simple and will not negatively repel in lubrication of the vagina, since 90% of the lubrication are carried out by the own vagina. Nevertheless, its accomplishment is technically difficult, and some patients give to testimony of pains and permanent annoyances after to be put under this treatment.

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