Anselmo Piccoli (* Rosary (Argentina), 4 of September 1915 - † Buenos Aires, 12 of July 1992 ), painter ; one of the great Argentine teachers of the abstract constructivism.

In spite of its youthful militancy in the orthodox left, never socialist realism adhered to the esthetic postulates of `'; on the contrary, it generally considered the abstract painting and the art in the spirit of Bauhaus, like the most authentic epocal expression of century XX and in the heat of harmony with his vision of the history, coined by the dialectic materialism.

He was cofounding of the Mutual benefit society of Students and Plastic Artists of Rosary, together with Antonio Berni, Leónidas Gambartes, Juan Grela, Medardo Pantoja and others. Of colouristic classic and great formation, it undertook, as of a figurative initial period, his way towards the abstraction, signed by the progressive geometrización. It was Great Prize of Honor of National Hall 1984.


Initial period (figurative)

In the Gaspary Academy it learned the rudimentos of the drawing and the color. In 1932 it knew Antonio Berni: in that year the first stage of its pictorial production begins.

In XIV the Hall inaugurated Fall the 25 of May of 1935, presented/displayed Berni and Piccoli a joint work (lamentably lost in the years of the military dictatorship): wounded Man.

The 5 of June of 1943 Municipal Museum of Beautiful Arts was inaugurated in Juan B. Castagnino the first exhibition of Piccoli.


Intermediate period

The constructive elements of the picture are patentizan: on the figurative base characteristics of increasing geometrización begin to be clear.


Period of maturity (total abstraction)

In 1969 the first nonfigurative exhibition of Piccoli took place. This one is the moment of the arrival of the artist to the last stage of its production, that he himself considered the consumation of his painting, whereas genuine expression of contemporaneidad: the abstract constructivism.

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