In Greek Mythology, Anquises (in Greek old Ἀγχίσης Ankhisês ) was a son of Captains with Temiste (daughter of Ilo, son of Tros ) or Hieromneme (one Náyade daughter of the God river Simois ). Following the versions he was a poor shepherd or a prince. was loved by Aphrodite, that, under human form, was united in the mount to him Going while it fed flocks, union from which was born Eneas .

Anquises crossed its mares the divine colts of the king Laomedonte .

After War of Troy, Eneas saved to Anquises and it took next to the fugitive troyanos Italy to him. Anquises died when arriving at the Sicilian city of Drépano and was buried there. Later Eneas visited Hades and saw again its father in the eliseos Fields.

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