Andres Velasco (n. Santiago of Chile, 11 of June of 1974 ), is Chilean Actor . It has two brothers, two brothers and a son of eight years that are called Alonso, son of its ex- pair Sigrid Joy .


In 1979 took root next to its family to Surinam . Its childhood was marked by that trip, because his father worked in OAS . He lived there in a time and learned the Dutch language. Later it studied in the School of Theater of Gustavo Meza and was withdrawn in January of 1997. was integrated in the list of the work queen Isabel sang rancheras .

Like member of the theater company " The Puerta", Electronic City traveled to Austria to present/display the work, written by Falk Richter and directed by Luis Ureta .

Its debut in Television took place in Loves of market, like the Rucio, of the channel TVN . Its first protagónico roll obtained in the series Thirty of the channel TVN, like Adriano San Martin, series in which worked next to its ex- pair of the real life, Sigrid Joy .

Also it has incarnated to Mauritius Ossa, journalist voyeur and obesesivo in the teleserie Somebody watches to you . Its participation finished when Mauritius died at the hands of Julian Garci'a (the assassin interpreted by Alvaro Rudolphy ), beheaded with a power saw.


Miniseries and Unitarians of Television

  • SCA ( Via X, 2005 )
  • the life is a lottery (TVN, 2005) - Juan Kings
  • At the most unexpected moments (TVN, 2005) - Danilo


  • the Gentleman of the Homing (2008) - Alberto
  • Somebody watches to you (TVN, 2007) - Mauritius Ossa
  • Floribella (TVN, 2006) - Lorenzo Monaco
  • Disparejas (TVN, 2006) - Ismael Echevarne
  • Between averages (TVN, 2006) - Esteban of the River
  • Thirty (TVN, 2005) Adriano San Martin
  • Destinies cruzados (TVN, 2004) - Ricky Mora'n
  • Sinful (TVN, 2003) - Welcome Pereira
  • Purasangre (TVN, 2002) - Ramon " Moncho" Yáñez
  • Loves of market (TVN, 2001) - the Rucio


  • Electronic City

  • queen Isabel sang rancheras


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