Anastasio Somoza Portocarrero been born in 1951, is the older son of Nicaraguan Dictator Anastasio Somoza Debayle and do6na Hope Portocarrero . Grandson of President of General Nicaragua Anastasio Somoza Garci'a and do6na Rescuing Debayle de Somoza .

Popularly " is called to him; The Chiguín". It is the first-born of a family of five children. North American citizen like his mother, as a child lived in New York and Nicaragua until the 12 years on age. He studied in Harvard and he received military training in England . During the mandate of its father, at the end of 70 Years, was in charge of the School of Basic Training of Infantry (EEBI) of National Guard (GN), whose soldiers were accused repeatedly by abuses of Human rights of civilians and prisoners while the GN fought against Marxist Guerilla In front Sandinista of National Liberation FSLN .

Of September 1978 until the overthrow of Dictatorship of its father 17 of July of 1979, he ordered the murder of civilians and the bombing with Artillery and airplanes of the main cities of Nicaragua that had fallen into the hands of the popular rise directed by sandinista forces. Under his leadership and direction the National Guard assassinated to near 30.000 Nicaraguan citizens. He escaped of Nicaragua and Justice. As a result of the Sandinista victory he left to I exile in Guatemala and the United States .

One married with Marisa Celasco, daughter of European pertaining to the Salvadoran elite. Somoza has two children men and one daughter.

In the year 2000 announced its intentions to return to Nicaragua. At the moment gift Anastasio Somoza Portocarrero continues living in Exilio and it has not returned to insist on its visit to Nicaragua.

No of the brothers Somoza Portocarrero lives in Nicaragua unlike some members of the family that have returned.

Myth on the rest of its grandfathers and his uncle Luis

When their father and he fled to the United States with its family and her high more loyal officials rose Myth in the Nicaraguan town that he went to the outside with the rest of his grandfathers and those of his uncle Luis Somoza Debayle, removing them from Cripta of officials of the National Guard (GN), located in the General Cemetery of Managua (also call Western Cemetery) from fear of a desecration by Guerilla of FSLN . Indeed Thursday 19 of July of 1979, day that surrendered the GN, settlers and combatants broke Statue of the soldier in guard who were behind cripta, struck with mallets the double door of iron doors of cripta; Bayonets that adorned their external edges were taken and esprayaron slogans in their walls. Nevertheless, 23 years was until July of 2002 after the facts, his First Alvaro Somoza Urcuyo (son of its uncle Luis and Isabel Urcuyo de Somoza ) revealed to the historian and journalist to him Robert Sanchez Ramirez who is not certain that his father took the rest of his grandfathers and his father. Such interview was published in the newspaper the Press the day Saturday 13 of July of the 2002, with the holders " Somoza never fue", " A myth of 23 collapses años" and " Vague they would have profaned the tomb of Viejo" Tin; .

According to the interview the uncle of Alvaro, Anastasio Somoza Debayle, trusted that they would not profane such rest because the Nicaraguan town is very Catholic it left and them in this cripta. The cousin of Alvaro, Anastasio Somoza Portocarrero (who supposedly took to the rest to Airport the International of Managua ) said to him that nor they remembered the rest. Alvaro confirmed that to the rest of his grandfathers they tested to him of DNA, who were positive. Sanchez lowered by the stairs of cripta along with the workers of the place, being that this was used like toilet by the workers of this cemetery, and in the middle of the sweepings and the rubbish along with found wire drawings in the ground pieces of Coffin Bones and Skull of Somoza Garci'a. By the sight was desecration of his Vault by vague that broke their plate and removed their rest to look for his decorations and to being therefore they did not leave wire drawings there them during years, which probably happened after 1979 July. But the vault of Luis is intact reason why it discards that there were political intentions; the rest of their father were placed again in their niche.

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