Alfonso de Aragon and of Estrada ( Ciudad Real, 1470 - Veracruz, 1530 ), Spanish nobleman .

Natural son of Fernando the Catholic and do6na Luisa de Estrada, daughter of gift Fernan Duke of Estrada. This last name of " Duke of Estrada " without treating is the one of a family of Asturian real accountants coming from Llanes, as they create some of no Duchy of Estrada.

It served to the crown in Flanders and Sicily .

In 1522, while was in good condition like Corregidor of the city of Cáceres, its nephew Carlos, son of the queen Do6na Juana, managed to persuade to him so that traveled to the New Spain and helped to the operating organization and the financial and countable structuring in her.

By Real Decree signed 15 of October of 1522 was named Real Treasurer in the New Spain, so that next to Gonzalo de Salazar like factor, Rodrigo de Albornoz like Accountant and Pedro Almíndez Chirino like veedor, would help to Courteous Hernán in their government.

It traveled towards the New Spain without its wife and children arriving at Veracruz . The wage that assigned to him was of 510,000 Maravedíes per year, being this superior to the 310,000 that they had assigned to Hernán Cortes, which shows the preferential treatment that occurred him, after even to have passed away its father in 1516.

The people who had assigned to Hernán, gave many problems him. This was profiteer by Alfonso, who after entering the policy and intrigues of the New Spain, was able in 1526 to supplant to Hernán like governor, staying in the position until 1528 .

The Conqueror Gonzalo de Ocampo wrote of Gonzalo de Salazar the following thing:

The periods of dominion of Estrada in the absence of Courteous Hernán, that repressed Hispanic rebellions with attendance of Indians, were the following:

  • 12 October 1524 up to 29 December 1524 Alonso de Estrada with Rodrigo de Albornoz and Alonso de Zuazo .

  • Of 29 December 1524 to 17 February 1525, Pedro Almíndez Chirino and Alonso de Zuazo control Gonzalo de Salazar .
  • Of the 17 of February 1525 to the 20 of April 1525 controls Gonzalo de Salazar, Pedro Almíndez Chirino, Alonso de Estrada, Rodrigo de Albornoz and Alonso de Zuazo .
  • Of the 20 of April 1525 up to 23 May 1525, Pedro Almíndez Chirino and Alonso de Zuazo control Gonzalo de Salazar .
  • Of 24 May 125 to 28d and January 1526 and Pedro Almíndez Chirino control Gonzalo de Salazar .
  • Of 29 January 1526 to 24 June 1526 and Rodrigo control Alonso de Estrada de Albornoz .
  • Of 26 June 1526 to 3 of Julio 1526 controls Courteous Hernán.
  • Of 4 of Julio from 1426 to 16 of Julio 1426 Luis controls Ponce of Leon .
  • Of 16 of Julio from 1526 to 1 of March of 1527 controls Marks of Aguilar
  • Of 2 of March from 1527 to the 22 of August of 1527, Gonzalo de Sandoval and control Alonso de Estrada Luis of the Tower
  • Of 22 August 1527 to the 8 of December of 1528 and control Alonso de Estrada Luis of the Tower .

At the beginning of 1528, their wife Marine Gutiérrez Flowers of the Cavalry, important Aragonese family of conversos of the Judaism Real Accountants in Aragon, and five daughters, arrived at the New Spain after six years without seeing itself, completed a passage of three months from Spain, being accompanied in this passage by the friar Julian Garcés, first Bishop of Tlaxcala .

This last name of the previous family Ahbenleví was used from 1267, (century XIII), to emphasize its property like vasallos of the Aragonese branch of the Military order of San Juan of Jerusalem. The Master of the Chapter of the Aragonese Kingdom was conexionado with the title of " Castellán de Amposta " almost always into the hands of " Fernandez de Híjar ", a bastard branch of the king of century XIII Jaime I of Aragon and Montpellier.

Along with the powerful Aragonese Jews, with many less conversos than " Cavallería", " Alazar" they were " Jews francos" of the Crown with numerous fiscal and social privileges.

We think that can be very easy to change of the powerful head of family Salomón Alazar Salazar, Navarrese last name distinguished and also very frequent today even between members of the peninsular present gypsy ethnic groups enough.

Kingdom of Granada paid for example to 500.000 jaqueses pays to Fernando II of Aragon for Money of special contributions for Conquista of in 1487.


The children of Alfonso and Marina Gutiérrez Flowers of the Cavalry were:
  • Fray Juan de Estrada, of Order of Santo Domingo . Consultant of Santo Oficio of the Inquisición .

  • Luis Alfonso de Estrada - Gentleman of Villa of Picón in Spain, perpetual Regidor and Faithful executor of Ciudad Real, Contino (position in the real finances) of the House of Felipe II of Spain, three times mayor of Santa Hermandad by the noble State.
  • Do6na Luisa de Estrada - Woman of the Captain Jorge de Alvarado, conqueror of the New Spain, brother of Pedro de Alvarado, protected both of the Secretary of Finances of Carlos I of Spain, especially recommended to its son the King Felipe II by the own Emperor, the ubetense Francisco of the Cobos .
  • Marine Do6na of Estrada - Woman of gift Luis de Guzmán and Saavedra, Gentleman of Filantongo, son of the Counts of Castellar, Juan Aryan of Saavedra and Maria de Guzman. A White one of Saavedra was the fifth husband of the Princess Isabel de Moctezuma, princess who did not want to recognize a daughter had with Courteous Hernán and referred, this Isabel, as daughter of Moctezuma II of Mexico and were reestablished at the moment in Cáceres in century XVI with some descendants in Caceres and Granada and with remarkable financial investments in Extremadura to their return, that are being evaluated now.
  • Do6na Ana de Estrada - Woman of Juan Alfonso de Sousa, Treasurer of the New Spain.
  • Do6na Francisca de Estrada (been born Ciudad Real, Spain, circa 1514) - Woman of Alonso Dávalos Saavedra. Gentleman of the Mexican province of Dávalos .
  • Do6na Beatriz de Estrada, been born in Ciudad Real, Spain, circa 1516) - Woman of the Conqueror Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, (Salamanca, circa 1510 - 1554 ), first Governor and Commander in chief of the Kingdom of the New Galicia and the Provinces of Guadalajara and Compostela in the New Spain.

In 1544, Francisco Vázquez de Coronado, married with these descendants of " Reales" accountants; conversos of the Judaism, present " Father of Costa Rica ", he would be demoted like governor of the New Galicia by the I Virrey of Mexico (from 1535 to perhaps 1548), the granadino Antonio de Mendoza and of Pacheco, (Alcala the Real one, Jaén 1490 - Lima, Peru 1552), husband, peculiarly, of another powerful descendant of " Reales" accountants;, Catherine de Vargas and Carvajal, user as female of the maternal last name Carvajal and after paternal Vargas, daughter of Francisco de Vargas, Greater Accountant of Kings Católicos and the King Carlos I of Spain, of its Advice of Property and State, governor of Trujillo and Marbella, general Treasurer and Greater Chanciller of Castile, the one of this “Averigüelo Vargas” because of everything it knew and it understood of the Castilian language, (dead in Marbella in 1524) of whom had three children:

  • Don Íñigo de Mendoza and Vargas " The Indio" or " The Largo", the first-born, (Socuéllamos (Ciudad Real) 1523 - defending of the Rock of Vélez of the Gomera, it still nails surrounded by sea and Moroccan earth - Malaga, Julio 1563), Gentleman by purchase of Estremera and Valdeacerete (Madrid).

  • Do6na Francisca de Mendoza and Vargas, wife of Alonso Fernandez of Cordova, corregidor of Toledo and its earth, governor, governor and commander in chief of the places of Oran and Mazarquivir and of the Kingdom of Tremecén, in Africa, Virrey, lieutenant and commander in chief of the Kingdom of Navarre (1564-1565), * (Tafalla 27.1565), 2º Count of Alcaudete, city of Alfonso de Aragon]] [[Category: House of Trastámara|Alfonso de Aragon]] [[Category: Been born in 1470]] [[Category: Deceaseds in 1530]] [[in: Alonso de Estrada]] [[Mr.: АлфонсоодАрагона .

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