Alfonso Tealdo Simi (* Lima, 15 of August of 1914 - † 31 of July of 1988 ) - Controversial journalist, interviewer and director of televising programs of Peru .


was son of Humberto Tealdo and Catherine Simi . It made its studies in the old Anglian-Peruvian School, today School San Andres of Lima, of which of year 1932 withdrew obtaining Bentinck Prize. From its scholastic years it demonstrated to its dowries writing in the Leader Magazine, being its first article related to Mahoma .

Although with restlessness by science (he represented its school in interscholastic contests), with the influence of his professors Raul Barrenechea Clubs and Jorge Guillermo Leguía prepared itself to follow studies of Letters in Greater National University of San Marcos but, because this was closed, he followed studies superiors in Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, of where he withdrew with satisfaction to have found excellent teachers.

of Lima worked in old daily the Press, soon in a Magazine of Tourism, obtaining the National Prize of Journalism.

After to toil in the radio, in 1958 it happened to the television being an incisive interviewer in programs like " Before the Público", " Redonda" table;, " Pulso" and remembered " Tealdo Pregunta", being the episode carried out by Doctor Eudocio Ravines and Czech Genaro Sheep the one that caused to major commotion at its time.

It also had the direction of informed programs like " The Panamericano" and of entertainment like " Peru 74"


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