Agustín Magaldi Coviello (n. Rosary ; 1º of December of 1898 - † Buenos Aires, 8 of September of 1938 ) was eximio musical, composer and singer of Argentine Tango .

The home of Agustín composed its mother, widow twice, and her brothers Blas, Paschal, Emilio and Cristina. In his house they were affection to lyrical music, and thus it could germinate in the small Agustín, the attachment by the song, since permanently it were listened to in his home, the discs of the Italian tenors, Titta Rufo, and Enrico Caruso .

Nicknamed the sentimental voice of Buenos Aires, contemporary to Ignacio Corsini and Carlos Gardel, forms part of the folksong in its apogee of Decade of 1930 . It is said that in Junín knew Eva Duarte, future wife of Juan Domingo Perón, of that was childhood friend.

Laborious death

Although it did not show it, Magaldi underwent of Hepatic malaises, with Cólicos painful, but after a rest the same were attenuated. At the beginning of September of 1938, its clinical of head Dr. Goyena, from followed malaises more, commits in the Sanatorium Otamendi, by the acute picture. They decide to operate it. It seemed that the intervention in charge of the Dr. Pedro Valdez was a success, but after 48 h, the picture worsened; and 8 of September to the 7:10 passed away, to the early age of 39 years.

In three years the Argentineans lost two of his greater singers. All the country recognized that Agustín, was a type of law, that handled nobility codes. It never happened through his head, to occupy the place of Gardel. He and Corsini recognized in Carlitos greatest, both attended their funeral wake and burial, invaded by much pain. With the death of Magaldi, a new myth was born from the Argentine folksong.

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