For other uses of this term sees Álex González (desambiguación) . Álex González ( 1980 ) is a Spanish actor


Alexander González was born 13 from August of 1980 in Madrid . At the end of a childhood without the paternal figure, Álex left its house to the 15 years and began to work in works, of electrician, barbecuer and like waiter to be able to pay its formation like actor. One concentrated in its professional dream and to be able to complete such yearnings scored at the School of interpretation of Aron Robert in 1999. Concluded its stay it gave to classes of expressive preparation with Consolation Trujillo between 2001 there and 2002 that arranged with those of clown with Nestor Chamizo, and the classes of Dramatic Art in the Internacial Study of the actor Juan Carlos Corazza - and that has not finished to date of today, in that she had to him of professor to Ana Grace . In order to complete such lessons Elm tree between 2002 scored at another course of expressive preparation with Francisco and 2003 .

By those dates a step forward contracted for a small paper in to him and its race began to channel. Carmen Utrilla proposed for a brief assignment in to him Central Hospital, where it incarnated to a young person obsessed with helping in something to a head of samur.

Shortly after assault acceded to its first protagonist of cinema in Secondly, where it interpreted a young boxer whose father reappears in his life, turning to him into robber of banks and assuring an economically relieved future to him. During his process of affective approach his personage learned to evaluate to whom they helped him of small, his solitary mother. However its process of maturation him acaerreó the traumatic experience of the death of its better friend (Dienteputo: Alberto Ferreiro ) and of the infidelity of its fianc2ee. With this Álex film certain when younger surviving image began to be outlined, able to fight by itself, with a turbid one happened that day to day contributes to surpass. In order to obtain a greater quality in its work, Álex counted on the aid of Javier Albalá to focus the shades of its personage.

Before the shooting of Secondly assault, Álex appeared to the tests of personal Reasons, being selected for the paper of Nacho, an orphan that is worth by itself, worried about its fianc2ee (Tania: Begoña Master ) and his better friend (Jaime: Jan Cornet ), and that discovers that a series of people has erased their own one happened through conveniences and that they would encumbrían a terrible secret. However, the beginning of the running of the film of Daniel Cebrián prevented to participate him in the first season and assigned to the personage to its friend Miguel Wild Angel .

Finalized this running, Álex put under the orders of Manuel Gutiérrez Aragon in a rose of France . In her Alex interpreted to Andres, a boy who falls in love with a young person who anxiety to leave Cuba of Batiste, and to free themselves as much of a navigator who transfers Cuban immigrants to the United States like of the owner of the house where he lives. This way Álex González backslid in the man paper who leaves the childhood to arrive at a maturity where its own way must be worked.

In July of 2005 Miguel Wild Angel resigned to participate in the second season of personal Reasons to carry out a film in which it would be put in the skin of… a boxer. The people in charge of the series returned to call to Álex, that this time accepted the supply and had to roll scenes of sex with… Ana Grace. Álex indicated that it did not matter to him to rise early to record, being very satisfied to work as much with actors of its age like with the veterans Shell Velasco and Fernando Guillén . While he arranged the shooting of the second season - and enjoyed the results being Miguel Angel to see the chapters, the actor began along with Darío Grandinetti Secondly the promotion of assault in Festival of Valladolid and in the press conference that was offered after happens of the film of the Acteón Cinema, located in the Place of the Carmen of Madrid . 15 of December of 2005 Eduardo Noriega and Silvia Abascal announced that Álex obtained a candidacy to Goya Prize to the best actor revelation . Months later Union of Actors proposed for the prize of better actor revelation to him. By then, Álex already had opening slope Mondays can wait for where gay incarnated to a young person. Asier Etxeandía and Hugo Silva completed the distribution.

At the end of 2006 rolled under the orders of Jose Luis Garci, Light of Sunday, in Asturias .

From 2007 is interpreting the paper of Mario in the series of televisón " Account atrás", that emits Four, where it shares protagonism with Dani Martin. The opening of the film has predicted in the middle of 2008 " Lies and gordas". The opening of the film has predicted at the end of 2008 " The book of the Aguas", film that roller in Villanueva of the Duke (Cordova), work with director Antonio Gimenez Rico and like artistic director Gil Parrondo.




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