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MyEtymology.com - A universal etymology dictionary

MyEtymology.com is an etymology dictionary for all languages. Its purpose is to tell you the etymology of every word of every language, going as far as it is currently known by science and showing it in a simple and clean graphical interface.

But it also tries to be more than a simple etymological dictionary: it wants to show you for each word the relationships with the other words in its language and beyond: it will show the words which were derived from it in any language and even cognates in other languages.

While mydictionary strives to encompass all languages, it started by having more words in some European languages, including English, Latin, French, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, Romanian and other.

Featured words


French battre
Spanish vista
German Schadenfreude
German Zeitgeist
French fourchette
Greek horoskopos



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